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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Betrayal from within, how marijuana users in CA were sabotaged by "fellow" marijuana users

It wasn't widely reported that Prop 19 had two groups of unlikely opponents; both of which are marijuana users.

The first group were the growers in California. They benefit from high street prices, as would any farmer. The legalization of marijuana could have undercut their profits. I understand that, and I don't hate them for voting against Prop 19, but it's important to "call a spade a spade": HYPOCRITES!!! In a nutshell your attitude is "F**k you, we have ours, and we really don't care about the rest of you that have to deal with criminalization and the cops. And one more thing, please continue to buy our pot on the black market, mama needs new shoes". -- Thanks for nothing guys, you suck.

The second group of opponents was also surprising. Within the MMJ community itself were opponents upset by the prospect of a decreased customer base. If marijuana had of been legalized in California, the rationale goes, consumers wouldn't need MMJ to get high, we could grow our own, our cool friends would be growing their own, we'd be sharing high-grade, inexpensive marijuana without needing "dispensaries" or "caretakers" for our supply.

Again: thanks for nothing guys, you suck, both of you.

(If we would have had their votes, it's almost certain that Prop 19 would have passed.)

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