Cheech and Chong - Dave

Friday, June 24, 2011

Guerilla grow America!

I know you guys have a gazillion bagseeds stashed away somewhere. Why not start planting them out in the woods somewhere? I have identified about 5-6 locations that I'm going to try to grow surreptitiously, don't know if I'll be able to get decent smokable weed or not, but it's worth a shot... If some of my seeds take, I can continue to plant more, my goal is to have 40-50 plants growing scattered around the region...

I recommend all heads start putting seeds in the ground now! Even if some of the plants are found and pulled, it can be a form of silent rebellion against our government's insane "war on drugs". I don't necessarily advocate planting in public view, in view of walking trails and parks, etc. but it's not hard to find locations in the woods out of sight with sufficient daylight and adequate or even superior soil. I don't recommend planting on your own land, unless you have plausible deniability. What are your thoughts?